Alaris Medley 8000 PC Infusion Pump

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The Alaris® PC Point-of-Care Unit is the core of the Alaris® System, which provides a common user interface for programming the infusion and monitoring modules, helping to reduce complexity at the point of care. Alaris® Sytem formerly know as the Medley® System.

The MEDLEY Medication Safety System is a modular infusion and monitoring system designed to proved SpO2 monitoring capabilities and accurate, automated infusion of a broad range of intravascular fluids, medications and blood products.

The MEDLEY Medication Safety System consists of the Programming Module (Model 8000), the Guardrails Safety Software, and detachable modules (or channels) which provide infusion or monitoring capabilities. The MEDLEY System is intended for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities on adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.



Battery Run Time Display
The Battery Run TIme Display is located on the Main Display prompt bar. If enabled, this feature provides a visual display of the estimated remaining battery run time under the current operating conditions, when operating on battery.

Ease of Use Features
To enhance safety and ease of operation, the MEDLEY System provides a full range of audio and visual alarms, advisories and prompts.

Guardrails Software Prompts
The Guardrails Software is designed to help prevent programming errors by:
- Customizing device configurable setting to meet the ned of the selected hospital area/unit (profile)
- Comparing user programming with hospital-defined best practice guidelines
- Providing an advisory prompt if an out-of-limits entry is made

Pole Clamp Feature
The MEDLEY Programming Module pole clamp adapts to a wide variety of surfaces, to provide versatility. The pole clamp features include:
- Ergonomically designed knob
- Accomodates diameters from 5/8 to 1-3/8 inches (15.9 to 34.9 mm).
- Vertical or horizontal orientation, allowing it to adapt to both IV poles and bed rails.

Profiles Feature
A profile is a unique set of device options configured to optimize device function for a specific hospital area or patient type. A profile is comprised of a configuration, with device settings and defaults customized by the user to best meet the needs of the profile area/patient type.

System Configuration
The System Configuration mode provides the ability for qualified personnel to maintain multiple customized configurations. If the Profiles Feature is enabled, the system setting defined for the selected profile are automatically activated.

Tamper Resist
The Tamper Resist feature provides a quick one-touch lockout of the front panel keypad.

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