Carefusion (Pulmonetics) LTV1000 Ventilator


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21.00 LBS
Unit includes:
Carrying Strap, Dust Cover, Charger, and O2 Hose.

Refurbished Pulmonetics LTV1000 Portable Ventilator

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The Pulmonetic LTV 1000 is a new respiratory patient ventilator that works with both hi-pressure and low pressure/low flow oxygen sources.  The LTV 1000 is about the size of a laptop computer (12.6 lbs / 5.7 kg) and has one-button operation. It is designed for use with adult, pediatrician and neonatal patients. The large, color coded displays easily convey data to the clinician.  A comprehensive alarm package is a standard feature. The LTV-1000 is portable and piston-driven -- no compressor needed.

Pulmonetics LTV1000

Used for Adults or Pediatrics
The LTV 1000 allows ventilation to be tailored to each individual patient's needs with available pressure control, pressure support, volume control, adjustable flow triggering, NPPV and apnea back-up mode. The LTV 1000 is diagnostic ready with AutoPeep and Static Compliance features, and has the added capability of utilizing the LTM Graphics Monitor for full-color, user selectable ventilator wave form displays and diagnostics.

Product Features
An intuitive interface makes the LTV 1000 easy to understand and operate. The unit features extensive patient monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarms package for optimum patient care. And with a footprint and size at a fraction of comparably equipped ventilators (13.4 lbs), the LTV 1000 allows for greater patient mobility.

Designed to provide optimum patient comfort and care, the LTV 1000 features:

  • Variable Rise Time
  • Variable Sensitivity Flow Trigger
  • Variable Flow Termination
  • Variable Time Termination
  • Leak Compensation
  • NPPV Mode
  • High Pressure Alarm Delay

Internal Oxygen Blending
LTV 1000 features an internal oxygen blending system for control of FIO2, whether connected to a high or low pressure O2 source. Units with version 5.0 software also have new O2 Flush, O2 Cylinder Duration and Automatic O2 Switchover features for improved patient care.


Weight 13.4 lbs
Dimensions: 3”x10”x12”
Power Supply: A/C Power
Power Supply Options: LTV Transport Battery System, LTV Universal Power Supply; 3 Hour External Battery, 9 Hour External Battery, Automotive Lighter Adapter.

3 month