Infusion Device Rental

Outfront Medical's Rental Terms

We only offer monthly or long term rental.  After the first month of rental we then pro-rate the rental charge.  For example, after the first month if you rent the item for another week, then you will only be charged for that additional week, opposed to another full month.  

A security deposit is not required, but if the equipment is either damaged or lost while in the possession of the customer a replacement cost will be applied.  The replacement cost will be based on the current fair market value.  All rental items will be shipped from our location in Tabernacle, NJ.  The cost of shipping to the customer will be an added expense.  In regards to return shipping, the renter will need to make arrangements.  Outfront Medical's rental services are only available in the United States.  Rental will only be authorized to approved health care facilities or professionals, NOT PATIENTS.

If you would like terms, then please contact us to see if you qualify to receive terms.

*Pricing and availability is subject to change.