Sell Your Medical Equipment

Outfront Medical is interested in purchasing your excess medical equipment.  Turn that excess equipment taking up space and collecting dust, into CA$H!

Currently we are looking for the following items:

ABM BiWave Cough System
Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pumps (6.05.14 software or higher)
Baxter Spectrum IQ Infusion Pumps
Baxter AS50 Syringe Pumps
B Braun Infusomat Space Pumps
B Braun Perfusor Space Syringe Pumps
Carefusion Alaris Medley 8015 PCU Infusion Pumps (large screens)
Carefusion Alaris Medley 8100 Infusion Module
Carefusion Alaris Medley 8110 Syringe Module
Carefusion Alaris Medely 8120 PCA Module
Carefusion LTV1200 Portable Ventilators
Carefusion LTV1150 Portable Ventilators
Carefusion Vela Ventilators
Covidien 980 Ventilators
Curlin 6000 PCA Pumps
Drager VN500 Ventilators
Drager V500 Ventilators
Hamilton T1 Ventilators
Hospira Plum 360 Infusion Pumps
Kendall 700 Series SCD's
Masimo Rad8 Pulse Ox
Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pumps
Medfusion 4000 Syringe Pumps
MAQUET Servo I Ventilators
MAQUET Servo U Ventilators
Nellcor N600x Pulse Ox
Newport HT70 Plus Ventilators
Philips V60 Ventilators
Philips T70 Cough Assist
Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset CPap
Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPAP
Resmed Aircurve 10 VAuto BiPap
Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BiPap
Resmed Aircurve 10 ST-A BiPap
Resmed Aircurve ASV BiPap
Resmed Astral 150 Ventilators

If you have any of the items above available for sale, please fill out the information listed below with the following details:

  • Cosmetic Condition (Scratches, Broken Casing, Blotted LCD's, etc...)
  • Working Condition (Due for PM, Error Codes, Broken, etc...)
  • Quantity Available
  • Options or Parameters
  • Accessories Included

If you have pm kits, parts, or accessories you would like to sell off, please send us the details.

Please feel free to send us information on other medical equipment you may have available for sale.  We would be interested in Ventilators, CPAP's, BIPAP's, Infusion Devices, Defibrillators, Monitors, Pulse Ox, and SCD's.

Thank you.

Outfront Medical