Carefusion Avea Ventilator Teaching Unit


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Avea Teaching Unit
175.00 LBS
$350.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Unit includes:
Exhalation Cartridge/Bacteria Filter, Hotwire Flow Transducer, Stand, Support Arm, and Air & O2 Hose.
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Carefusion Avea Ventilator - Teaching Unit

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Product Description

Patient care requires performance without compromise. AVEA is the first generation of integrated life support systems meeting the needs of all neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.
  • AVEA's precise proximal monitoring and flow delivery protects the premature infant's fragile pulmonary system.
  • AVEA streamlines Heliox delivery. Patients suffering from COPD and Asthma have benefited clinically from Heliox therapy.
  • AVEA has the ability to deliver non-invasive ventilation with Heliox to adult and pediatric patients. Clinical data from peer-reviewed journals suggests non- invasive ventilation can potentially reduce length of stay and complications.


  • AVEA's precision gas delivery system supplies accurate volumes whether the patient demands 2 ml's or 2.5 L. A patented three-stage flow sensor employed in a closed loop feedback algorithm provides precise flow metering as low as 0.4 L/min.
  • AVEA's active exhalation valve encourages patient ventilator synchrony and facilitates greater patient comfort. Our electronic servo-controlled voice coil provides pressure stability and optimized response time.
  • AVEA's careful use of well-tested scroll pump technology results in a low maintenance internal compressor.
  • AVEA's standard internal battery powers the ventilator for up to two hours in the event of a power loss or during intra-hospital transport.
  • AVEA is the first safe, reliable solution for Heliox delivery. AVEA's internal blending system automatically compensates for the gas mixture providing unwavering accuracy in all delivered and monitored parameters as well as graphic data.
  • AVEA delivers performance without compromise through advances in technology that allow its utilization for the full spectrum of patients in your clinical practice.


  • AVEA's easy-to-use, intuitive user interface provides consistent, rapid access to physiologic data and current ventilator status.
  • Five monitored values are visible to the caregiver at all times, each may be selected from a menu of 35 options. The screen can be customized to display up to 15 monitored values without waveforms or 5 values with waveforms.
  • Trended data includes 35 monitored parameters that are stored, minute-by- minute, for a running 24-hour period. Clinical data is readily available for review at any time.
  • AVEA is designed to accommodate technological advances, not become obsolete as a result of them.
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