Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump


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Refurbished Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump

Operator's Manual PDF Download

The Baxter 6301 is a dual channel IV pump that has a programmed delivery profile.
The Baxter FLO-GARD 6201 Volumetric Infusion Pump and the Baxter FLO-GARD 6301 Dual-Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump are industry standard in standard set infusion pump technology. 

Enhanced Safety

  • Flow Check Occlusion Alarm offers an in-line resistance display of incremental back pressure.
  • Flow Rate Calculation is automatic after volume and time are selected.
  • Slide Clamp Option offers an additional step to protect against inadvertent gravity free-flow.
  • Front Panel Lock-out protects against tampering. 

Greater Convenience and Versatility

  • Programmed Delivery Profile allows up to 10 steps, individualizing control of infusion ramping and tapering.
  • Incremental Flow Rate can deliver 1-99.9 mL/hr in increments of 0.1 mL/hr .
  • Automatic Restart once occlusion clears.
  • Automatic Piggybacking of secondary medications. 


  • Uses Baxter standard IV administration sets that eliminates the need for costly disposable sets and reduces the potential for waste. 
Size: 13" x 5.1" x 11.4"
Weight: 17.9 lbs.
Battery: 12V, 3.2 Ah sealed lead-acid
Battery Life: approximately 6 hours with one pump running at a rate from 1 -1400 ml/hr
Battery Recharge: 8 hours for more than 80% recharge
AC Power Requirements: 110/120 V, 60 Hz
Power Cord: 9.5™, with hospital grade plug
Fuse: 0.8 A, 250 V, SB, 5.2 mm x 20 mm
Flow Rate: Primary program for each pump: 1.0-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments of 1-1,999 ml/hr in 1 ml increments. Upper limit can be reduced by authorized service personnel.
  Secondary program for each pump: 1.0-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments or 1-999 ml/hr in 1 ml increments, subject to the upper limit that also applies to the primary program.
VTBI Range: 1.0- 99.9 ml in 0.1 ml increments of 1-9,999 ml for both primary and secondary of each pump. Upper limit can be reduced by authorized service personel.
Keep Vein Open (KVO) Rate: 5 ml/hr or programmed rate, whichever is less
1 Year Warranty