Philips Trilogy EV300 Portable Ventilator


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Refurbished Philips Trilogy EV300 Portable Ventilator - Hospital Model

Adjustable therapy options

Trilogy EV300 is user-friendly but doesn’t compromise on the advanced features of the innovative Trilogy ventilator family technology. Its advanced respiratory monitoring capabilities are designed to help you optimize your patients' therapy. Trilogy EV300 provides noninvasive (NIV) and invasive (IV) ventilation for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. Volume and pressure modes, AVAPS-AE, SpO₂ and EtCO₂ monitoring as well as Dynamic Lung Parameters and alarms of every parameter allow for adaptable care. Flexibility of circuits enables Trilogy EV300 to be used in a wide range of patients, from infants >2.5kg to adults.


Whether you are in a sub-acute or chronic care environment, Trilogy EV300 Is designed for fast setup and stress-free operation. Its simple graphical interface, 8" touchscreen, pre-configured settings, and intuitive menu navigation allow rapid settings and changes for a wide range of patients.

Maintenance and service

Trilogy EV300 includes on-site and phone support, educational training resources, extended warranties, and maintenance plans. It only requires preventative maintenance once every year, and minimal equipment is needed for calibration. With limited support and upkeep required, and a field service option, Trilogy EV300 is easy and affordable to maintain.

Tailored ventilation

Proven innovations are designed to treat the varying needs of respiratory insufficiencies. AVAPS automatically adjusts the ventilator support to reach the desired tidal volume, while Auto EPAP proactively adjusts to the lowest effective pressure to manage the upper airway. Auto Backup delays a machine breath until your patient exhales to maximize comfort.


Ventilation modes:

A/C-PC:  Assist control (pressure control)

A/C-VC:  Assist control (volume control)

CPAP:  Continuous positive airway pressure

PSV:  Pressure support ventilation

S/T:  Spontaneous/timed ventilation

SIMV-PC:  Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (pressure control)

SIMV-VC:  Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (volume control)


Weight: 6.3 Kg (13.8 lbs) with hot-swappable battery

Size: 19.3 cm D x 28.6 cm W x 24.5 cm H (7.6” D x 11.25” W x 9.65” H)

Screen dimensions: 20.32 cm (8")

Ingress protection: IP22: protection against finger-sized objects & dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees.

6 Month Warranty