Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPAP with Heated Humidifier

Refurbished Resmed

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Accessories Included::
Carrying Case, Charger, Standard Tubing, and Humidifier Chamber.
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*This product requires a prescription from your doctor. Product will not be released with out one.
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Refurbished ResMed AirSense 11 Auto Set CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

ResMed's Air Sense 11 is a CPAP machine that merges advanced digital health technology with tried-and-true therapy modes to make starting sleep apnea therapy more accessible and beneficial than ever.

The Auto-Adjusting Unit Has Several Specialized Modes

The Air Sense 11 auto-adjusts airflow pressure as you breathe, changing airflow pressure as needed while you sleep. An algorithm calculated specifically for women is included in this product, which includes multiple trusted modes including an Auto Set response for gentler pressure increases. This mode accounts for the differences in how obstructive sleep apnea presents in women for more targeted sleep therapy. Recent studies have demonstrated that women using the innovative Auto Set For Her mode have improved their REM sleep.

Expiratory Pressure Relief and Sleep Onset Detection Provide Increased Comfort

Using the Air Sense 11 Auto's sleep onset detection feature, it delivers a low airflow pressure to assist you with falling asleep, gradually increasing to your prescribed level as you drift into sleep. As a bonus, the device has expiratory pressure relief (EPR), which reduces the pressure when you exhale. This maintains regular airflow pressure when inhaling and makes it easier to exhale when exhaling.

Easy-to-Clean Humidifier with Manual or Automatic Settings

Through the climate control feature, the built-in heated humidifier can be used either manually or automatically to reduce dry mouth and headaches. The Air Sense 11's humidifier includes an easy-to-clean and removable tub. The Air Sense 11's touchscreen display also permits you to operate your customized therapy settings with ease.

Modern Design Provides a Stylish Look and Easy Navigation

The Air Sense 11 was designed with simplicity in mind. A sizeable start/stop button allows you to begin or end your sleep therapy with a single touch, in addition to the machine's stylish touchscreen that also allows the user to utilize customized sleep therapy settings.

Care Check-In Feature allows you free Coaching and Assistance.

Additionally, the Air Sense 11 includes a feature called Care Check-In, which gives voice-guided directions to help troubleshoot any issues.


  • Auto-Adjusting Unit Offers Multiple Specialized Modes
  • Sleep Onset Detection and Expiratory Pressure Relief Delivers Enhanced Comfort
  • Built With Easy-to-Clean Humidifier With Manual or Automatic Settings
  • Modern Design Offers a Stylish Feel and Simple Navigation
  • Get Sleep Reports and Secure Sleep Data Transfer Through myAir
  • Provides Free Coaching and Assistance Through Care Check-In Feature
  • Included Filter Seamlessly Removes Environmental Particulates
  • Only Needs to Be Cleaned Four Times Monthly for Proper Care
REFURBISHED Resmed Airsense 11 Autoset CPap with a 6 Month Warranty.